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NEW - Bleeding control pouch

The citizenAID team are excited to launch its BLEEDING CONTROL POUCH.

- perfect for responders who wish to have the citizenAID capability immediately to hand

- designed to be attached and worn on a belt

- place one in your glove compartment

- place one in inside an existing first aid kit to add a citizenAID capability

- follows the award winning system

Pouch contents:

1 x Instruction Manual - showing you exactly how to use the contents.

2 x Tourni-Key PLUS - stop life threatening limb bleeding with this.

1 x Sharpie Pen - write on your SLIDE handover card the information about your casualty.

1 x Trauma Shears - to cut clothing away so you can identify any bleeding

1 x 6” Trauma Bandage - to apply to a wound that needs direct pressure to help stop bleeding. Can be used dress a wound after a Tourni-KEY has been deployed.

2 x Gloves (pairs) - keeping you safe

2 x Gauze - to pack into a wound (Pack and Press) to help stop bleeding.

To buy one - click here


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