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Innovation from the clinical team of citizenAID
Tourni-Key is a low-cost device to help stop limb bleeding


Tourniquets stop life-threatening limb bleeding. Tourniquets that are used by civilian medical professionals and the military are generally expensive and require formal training. citizenAID's clinical team has developed a simple intuitive device that can be used by anyone to save a life. Tourni-Key is an effective and affordable solution.


Empowering people to save lives


If you are caught in a deliberate attack resulting in multiple casualties, citizenAID can give you the framework to make a difference. Our system shows you how you can stop life-threatening limb bleeding with a Tourni-Key.

citizenAID and tourniquets


Tourni-Key can be used with a triangular bandage if you have one available otherwise it is designed to transform items of everyday clothing such as a tie or cotton/silk scarf into an improvised tourniquet. It is ok to improvise if you need to save a life.


When to use a tourniquet


A tourniquet is recommended in two circumstances.

1.  When a casualty has an amputated or mangled limb

2. Where a casualty has severe bleeding [that is not controlled  by packing the wound and firm pressure]


Training to use tourniquet - safety first


citizenAID recommends that you never train on each other - always use a simulated limb. You can improvise a training limb with a rolled magazine insider roll towel inside a trouser leg was jumper sleeve. When you follow the rules that a tourniquet is only apply for life-threatening bleeding [that cannot be controlled by other means ] then you can only ever do good

YOU can stop life-threatening limb bleeding
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