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Volunteers Needed in Manchester
for Wednesday 26th April 2023

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NEWS - Stop the Bleed Day is an initiative developed by the citizenAID charity with help from Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit.

If you know about ‘Restart a Heart Day’ in October, you will already be familiar with how Stop the Bleed Day is organised.


The aim is for as many young people as possible in one day to learn how to save a life by stopping bleeding.


We have produced an engaging instructional video and we provide all the equipment needed, including support packs for schools and volunteers.

Volunteers do not need to be medically trained, as the video and pack covers everything, but if you already know about applying pressure to a bleed, packing a wound and improvising a tourniquet – even better!

As 2023 is the inaugural Stop the Bleed Day, we are rolling it out on a smaller scale,

to 14 schools in the Manchester region – and that’s why we need your help! Next year we will be going national, so this is a fantastic opportunity to be involved at the very outset of this exciting new project. 

How does it work?

  • The day is aimed at year 7 pupils (11 and 12 years old)

  • Each training session lasts 30 minutes

  • The full year group take part, in classes of around 30 at a time

  • citizenAID provide the training equipment and support pack in advance to the school

  • Volunteers help by introducing the day to each class, playing the video and helping the young people to practice the skills at the appropriate points

  • The school will provide staff to supervise throughout


If you can help, please email


Thank you for your time, we look forward to hearing from you!

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