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The creation and history of citizenAID

We are regularly asked about citizenAID? Is it a new or an old idea? How did it come about?

The short answer is that it is the logical progression of a number of concepts developed by the authors during their last 30 years of experience in civilian and military medicine.

The reality is that it’s a story. The timeline below details the main chapters of the story. It starts in the 1980s and 1990s in Germany and Northern Ireland and progresses through a number of significant advances in both civilian and military emergency medicine culminating with the significant leaps forward in trauma care learnt in Afghanistan and their integration into civilian medicine all over the world.

The serial concepts developed by the authors since the late-1980s have become national and international standards within both civilian and military mass casualty incidents. They have formed the treatment guidelines for British military trauma care in theatre on all recent operations which has resulted in significantly improved survival rates.

It is from these guidelines that citizenAID has emerged.


The imperative is now to give civilians the same opportunity to save lives by giving them a mechanism through which to act in a mass casualty incident.

2017: citizenAID Pocket Guide is published

To meet public needs, citizenAID publishes a paper version of its advice.

2017: citizenAID North America is launched

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Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 12.40.58.png

2017: citizenAID App receives an innovation award

The concept, content and design of the app are recognised through an Area Health Science Network Innovation Award. 

2017: citizenAID Moggy’s Coming book published

​citizenAID launches the Moggy’s Coming book (electronic and paper), designed to help educated children in Key stages 1 & 2 about how to act in emergency situations. It features a story about a cat loose in a school of mice, questions to prompt discussion and a series of nursery-style rhymes.

2018: citizenAID Tourni-Key™ launched

Tourni-Key™ is set to be the basis of citizenAID’s forthcoming equipment range. Most Tourniquets designed to treat catastrophic bleeding retail for over £15-20. Tourni-Key is intended to be an affordable option which is simple and easy to use. 

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