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citizenAID Run, Hide, Tell and Treat Executive Briefing In York 6th Feb 2018

A free Executive Briefing will be supported by citizenAID on the 6th February in York to help stress the message:

Run, Hide, Tell and Treat

The event facilitated by Toni Eastwood OBE of Beyond 2030 Ltd, and Paul Basson of PBPS Ltd will be held at The Gate House Waterfulford Hall, York, YO19 4RG.

citizenAID Director, Peter Joyce who has also been trained by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) as a GRIFFIN self delivery facilitator said:

“It’s essential that people not only understand the Metropolitan Police and NaCTSO message of Run, Hide and Tell but also the citizenAID message of Treat (If you can). We know from experience that the emergency services will not be able to get to the wounded and injured for at least 60 to 100 minutes after a terrorist attack and therefore the need to apply basic but life saving, first aid skills - to those effected by the attack - rests on citizens and is essential if we are to reduce the number of avoidable deaths.”

This Executive Briefing will attempt to share the key police and citizenAID messages side by side to help all understand how this relates as one very important message.

The timing of this event in York coincidentally aligns to the following publication recently published on the 31st January 2018 “New traffic restrictions planned for York Minster and York Racecourse to combat terrorist attack”.

As the security services have said, it’s not a matter of “If” but “When” and this practical executive briefing will have three core aims which are to help local businesses better understand how to:

1. Stay pre incident through better prevention, protection and preparation.

2. Effectively respond to a Terror Attack (Run, Hide and Tell)

3. Treat (if they can) respecting the CitizenAID message, You Can Save Lives!

citizenAID will also give a public demonstration of its new innovation, Tourni-Key(TM) which is scheduled for a national launch in Q1 2018. The Tourni-Key(TM) system enables citizens to create a Tourniquet out of everyday items such as scarf, tie etc and its unique locking mechanism will enable people to help multiple casualties and secure them using the Tourni-Key(TM) if several systems are available during an attack. Tourni-Key along with its online training videos is set to be an affordable and simple system accessible to all citizens which will finally power all to know how to apply a Tourniquet in times of crisis.

For more information on Tourni-Key please email YOU CAN SAVE LIVES!

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