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2018 Product Announcement- Forget The Screwdriver & Wooden Spoon As Tourni-Key Has Arrived

The citizenAID team along with representatives from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office demonstrated to Victoria Derbyshire on the BBC news show how easy it is to apply a Tourniquet to a persons leg with household items.

No need for expensive medical kits and just a few everyday items would do the job.

This simulation made reference to the winding device or "windlass" being replaced by improvised household tools such as a wooden spoon, scissors, or a screwdriver.

But as Victoria asked in this video, "What if you do not have a spoon?"

citizenAID now have an answer to that and its called Tourni-Key.

Used along with a scarf or tie as demonstrated in the video this key is strong enough to act as the "windlass" and will stop the bleed.

It has also been designed to have a hook to lock the Tourniquet down maintaining the pressure whilst allowing you to look at other patients if required.

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