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citizenAID proud to receive Wesleyan Foundation funding

citizenAID is proud to announce it has received a sizeable donation from the Wesleyan Foundation.

Committed to ‘doing the right thing’, the Wesleyan Foundation launched in May 2017 and is designed to provide financial support to its members, customers and local communities.

The Foundation likes to engage its customers and members as much as possible, and each quarter invites them to vote for which charitable cause they feel should receive the most support.

This quarter, citizenAID was selected as one of the funded charities, alongside Dentaid, LawCare and Street Doctors.

Co-Founder of citizenAID, Brigadier Tim Hodgetts, confirmed: “As a philanthropic initiative, citizenAID relies on external support for funding to help achieve our objective of empowering the public to know what to do and how to save lives in the event of a deliberate attack.”

“We are delighted to have received a generous donation from the Wesleyan Foundation, and we are extremely grateful to all members who have voted for our cause.”

The Wesleyan Foundation vote closed on Wednesday 20th December 2017, with citizenAID receiving an incredible £5,000.

To find out more about citizenAID, download the FREE smartphone app from iTunes or Google Play.

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