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CitizenAID hosts Airbus Staff Conference

On Monday 23rd October, the citizenAID team were delighted to showcase its award-winning app and wider initiative at the Airbus space facility in Portsmouth.

Attended by over 50 Airbus employees, the presentation was led by citizenAID Ambassador, Peter Joyce, who explained why the initiative was founded and its role in helping the General Public Be Prepared – Not Scared in the unlikely, but possible, event of a deliberate attack.

Peter finished the presentation with a demonstration of citizenAID’s new patented Tourni-Key product, which has been designed, with the support of specialist engineering teams from Airbus Defence and Space UK, to help the public successfully treat life-threatening limb bleeding by using day-to-day items such as a scarf or tie with the Tourni-key to create an effective tourniquet at a fraction of the cost.

Peter Joyce confirmed: ‘The Airbus conference was well-attended and provided us with a great opportunity to promote the benefits of citizenAID, whilst helping team members understand what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. All team members were extremely engaged and took the key messages on board, enabling us to continue to empower civilians with our ‘Be Prepared Not Scared’ message.”

Claire Foster, Security Services Manager for Airbus UK added: “As the Lead for our current Security Awareness Campaign, “Vigilance – Be Alert but not Alarmed”, it was very helpful to have citizenAID present their key messages and tools. The feedback from the session has been very helpful and citizenAID is now a subject of much discussion among employees.”

The citizenAID app launched in January 2017and since this date has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users, quickly climbing to the number 1 spot for Medical Apps in iTunes.

If you are interested in finding out more about citizenAID, the app is available to download via Google Play or the App Store or to purchase one of our Pocket Guides from our recommended suppliers, please click HERE.

Alternatively, if you wanted to get involved in any fundraising opportunities to help citizenAID increase awareness and empower members of the public to save lives, please email

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