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Moggy’s Coming receives glowing review!

CitizenAID is delighted to have received a glowing 5-star review for its recently launched e-book, Moggy’s Coming, by aspiring book critic, Emma Johnson, aged 7.

Published via Amazon in July 2017, Moggy’s Coming is the first in a series of educational books, featuring the Mulberry School mice in emergency situations.

Created by the citizenAID team to help both parents and teachers emphasise the key ‘Run, Hide, Tell, Treat’ message in a non-threatening way, Moggy’s Coming has already received 100% feedback from 500 Birmingham based teachers, who recently piloted the story, together with citizenAID Educational Pack, soon to be distributed to schools nationwide.

Designed specifically for Key Stage 1 and 2 children, Moggy’s Coming provides sensitive and appropriate preparation for young children to be able to understand and deal with the unlikely but not impossible chance of being caught up in a deliberate attack.

So, let’s read what Emma had to say:

To find out more about Moggy’s Coming or to download the e-book, please click HERE.

To find out more about citizenAID’s Educational Packs for schools, please email

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