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This app could save your life

No, really. It could. Here's why...

Risk of terror attack could be higher than last year

We all hope we don’t get caught up in a terror attack, but unfortunately there is a possibility that we will. A new government report, The National Security Capability Review (NSCR), published on Wednesday, highlights that the risk of Islamic terrorism is likely to “remain high for at least two years and may heighten further”. We therefore need to be alert to the possibility of further deliberate attacks against the public and as resilient as is practical to the consequences.

Medics held back in an attack

I think most people simply assume that in an attack the injured will be immediately treated at the scene by paramedics. But unfortunately this won’t necessarily be the case. As was seen in the Kerslake report on the Manchester Arena attack, emergency services can be held back until the area has been made safe. That could take 30 minutes, it could take over an hour. Severe bleeding is time critical. It won’t wait for professional help to arrive. The people who will make the real difference are those who are close to the victims at the time of injury.

It could be up to you to help

At Manchester Arena members of the public treated the wounded. It was the same at London Bridge and at Westminster Bridge. Some of these ordinary people will have made a real difference and saved lives. Yet others will have had no idea what to do. We know that most people perform better if they know what to do, which is really a ‘no brainer’. In the words of the US Navy Seals, rather than rising to situation most people sink to their level of training. citizenAID provides you with a level of familiarisation to help you perform better in a crisis.

Would YOU know what to do?

It is understandable that most people would not intuitively know what to do if confronted by a gunman, knife attacker or suspect bomb. The citizenAID App provides the guidance to learn a safe response to protect yourself and help you save the lives of others.

Similarly, most of us wouldn’t know what to do if confronted by a badly injured person. What interventions really matter? In what order? With what equipment? And is it OK to improvise if I don’t have any medical equipment? That’s why we’ve developed the citizenAID app. It can teach you how to save a life.

Using military medical experience to help the public

The citizenAID app was developed to make use of military experience in Afghanistan and Iraq, coupled with civilian experience in the UK. This experience has proven that immediate simple interventions, performed in a pre-determined order can save lives. There are soldiers alive who are a testament to this and who would have died in previous conflicts. In parallel, there have been great advances in hospital treatment too, but these are irrelevant unless there is effective immediate care. In the Armed Forces this is called “Buddy Aid”. For civilians we’ve called it “citizenAID”. You are that citizen, and you can make the difference.

But only if you know what to do.

Download the free App today. We hope you never need its contents. But if you do, be assured that the approach has been tried and tested in the most difficult of situations imaginable, and has saved lives.


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