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Tourni-Key(TM) Arrives In York

A pre launch demonstration of Tourni-Key was given in York to local executives representing universities, the music industry and former Met police.

The executive briefing attempted to demonstrate the relationship between pre incident actions which can be taken to reduce the risks we all now face through:

Prevent, Protect and Prepare

However if people found themselves in a future Terror event key guidance from the Met Police was shared to Run, Hide and Tell.

Finally the CitizenAID message of Treat was given to explain that if they can they should extend the Met advice to Run, Hide, Tell and Treat.

A demonstration was given in parallel to several teams to consider how a Tourniquet could be set up using everyday items.

Scarfs, ties, scissors and even a hammer was used to build a Tourniquet but the key limitation was highlighted in that if you are unable to lock down your Tourniquet to maintain pressure you are left with no option but to stay with the injured person.

All where then invited to trial the new Tourni-Key from CitizenAID and both the standard issue - yellow - version was used along with the black version which is being considered for the military and emergency services.

One of the attendees was asked for key feedback that came to mind after use and he replied:


“Easy to push through the double knot”

“Easy to manipulate and apply”

“Flicking over to lock was very easy and helped to release myself from the injured person to do other things”

“Very happy with the locking process”

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