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citizenAID Helps Oxted Residents Be Prepared, Not Scared

citizenAID will share its message with teachers, parents and students at Oxted School in Surrey on Tuesday 10th July.

Peter Joyce, Director of citizenAID, will give a presentation about the charity, its history and its mission to educate the public to take immediate action and save lives when there are multiple casualties.

Peter commented: "Many of us will have an understanding of how to assist someone who has a heart attack for example, but a question we like to ask is 'what would you do in the event of a terrorist attack?'

"Sadly, it is a reality that we should all be prepared for and speaking to teachers, parents and students is a great place to start an important conversation within a community."

Taking place from 7-8:30pm, attendees will learn about citizenAID's innovative app and pocket guide, which aim to help people make quick decisions in a high-pressure situation, such as following a bombing, stabbing or shooting.

Peter continued: "In the event of a deliberate attack, the first few minutes are crucial. Before any emergency services personnel are able to reach the scene, there may be victims who need aid to save their lives.

"Our app and pocket guide clearly demonstrate how to apply a tourniquet to stop limb bleeding, how to treat broken bones and burns and the steps to take if a casualty is unresponsive. This is what we want to teach parents and students in particular, as these skills can even be applied at home, at work or in a variety of other situations."

"We all hope that we're never caught up in a deliberate attack, but having this knowledge is so important. The more people who have these skills, the safer our communities become."

If you are interested in attending the event, please email

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