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citizenAID Officially Launches ‘Tourni-Key’

citizenAID is excited to announce the official launch of the Tourni-Key.

Available via recommended suppliers from 19th February 2018, the Tourni-Key has been designed and manufactured by citizenAID to help the public save lives of those with severe limb bleeding after a deliberate attack.

Military evidence is categorical in demonstrating the value of a tourniquet to control severe bleeding from limbs where wound packing and pressure is ineffective. Indeed, the lives of many soldiers have been saved following blast and gunshot injury since tourniquets were made widely available to them in 2006.

Recent events have proven the desire of the public to provide treatment until the emergency services are available, improvising equipment where necessary. Tourni-Key provides a simple, affordable solution to improvise an effective tourniquet from clothing (tie, thin scarf) or a triangular bandage.

Trustee of citizenAID and inventor of the Tourni-Key, Brigadier Tim Hodgetts CBE, explained: “The Tourni-Key has been developed to meet a direct need. Experience has taught us there is a predictable delay between an attack taking place, and professional help reaching the injured. This means those within the incident, the public, are the ones who can make the difference in saving life from severe bleeding.”

“The Tourni-Key is a light, rigid plastic device, in high visibility yellow that converts a strip of material into an effective tourniquet. Its unique design allows the tourniquet to be quickly secured. As a low cost alternative, there is a realistic opportunity to make this life saving skill more widely available and to empower a critical mass of the public and first responders. In addition, we know tourniquets are painful, so to reduce the pain from skin bunching as the tourniquet is tightened we have included the innovative idea of an Anti-pinch Card. There is space on the card to record the time the tourniquet is applied, which is important to know at hospital.”

Since its official launch in January 2017, citizenAID has received an overwhelming response to its growing initiative, with members of the public reporting they feel empowered by the key message to ‘Be Prepared Not Scared’ in the event of deliberate attacks.

To prepare yourself a little more, visit the App Store or Google Play to download the free smartphone app today!

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