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More about Tourni-Key PLUS

Tourni-Key is a new simple tool designed to save lives. The public need to know how to stop severe bleeding. These are injuries seen following a deliberate attack or other emergency situation.

The charity encourages the public to 'Be Prepared, Not Scared' and to be familiar with simple skills and equipment that can save lives before the emergency services are available.

Designed and manufactured by citizenAID®, the new Tourni-Key PLUS combines a novel tough plastic lightweight device with a triangular bandage to act as an effective tourniquet to stop severe bleeding from an injured limb.

Brigadier Tim Hodgetts, Co-Founder of citizenAID®, commented: "The Tourni-Key PLUS is a simple idea and provides an affordable and effective tourniquet option for public use."

"The triangular bandage is tied around the limb then tightened with the Tourni-Key to quickly stop severe bleeding. We know tourniquets are painful, so we have created an innovative anti-pinch card that reduces skin bunching as the material is tightened. There’s a space on the card to record the time the tourniquet was applied, which is important for a hospital to know."

citizenAID® was founded by four highly experienced UK civilian and military clinicians, working in collaboration to empower the public to help themselves and others in the event of a deliberate attack or other emergency situation.

Since its launch in January 2017, citizenAID® has released a free smartphone App, online familiarisation videos, a printed pocket guide and educational materials for both adults and children.

Version 2 of the App and Pocket Guide have been released this week.

citizenAID® has received the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network Innovation Award in 2017, the National Counter Terrorism Project Award in 2018, and the “Most Innovative Product Award of the Year” at the 2018 Business Continuity Awards.

Tim continued: "We have witnessed multiple attacks in the UK, but we have also seen how members of the public can react immediately to help the injured before the emergency services are able to reach the scene, often having to improvise equipment for treatment."

"While no one imagines they will be caught up in a terrorist attack, it's critical that enough people are prepared with the knowledge and skills to save lives, if needed."

The Tourni-Key PLUS is also available from our web store.

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