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IXCG supports citizenAID in the Essex area

citizenAID is pleased to announce a new partnership with Technology Consultancy and Cyber Security firm IXCG Limited. The partnership will help to promote and support the citizenAID initiative, serving to educate the Essex based communities in the event of a mass casualty situation.

When asked about the partnership, IXCG Managing Director Nick Bown said, “Being prepared for all eventualities is a key part of the message we pass to our clients, and much of our work involves keeping the public’s data safe, so being able to support them physically as well is a logical extension of our work.”

“We look forward to being able to promote citizenAID’s message to the local community and schools, as well as provide training and response packs.”

The partnership with IXCG will be key in helping the communities in and around Essex understand the vital role citizenAID plays in delivering the ‘Be Prepared – Not Scared’ message.

CitizenAID co-founder Brigadier Tim Hodgetts said: “The success of citizenAID to prepare the public to save lives in a deliberate attack largely depends on our ability to spread the message of the materials available, including our free app and website resources.”

“We value working with industries when they share our passion and commitment to save lives in mass casualty events and we thank IXCG for their support.”

Since its official launch in January 2017, citizenAID has received widespread support from a number of corporate organisations and individual representatives from across the country, where IXCG will be now key in helping communities in and around Essex understand the vital role citizenAID plays in ensuring the public are ‘Prepared – Not Scared’.

To learn more about the new partnership between citizenAID and IXCG, or to request assistance for your organisaion, please contact IXCG at or on 020 3051 1787.

To download the citizenAID app, please click HERE or to purchase one of our Pocket Guides from our recommended suppliers, please click HERE.

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