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"Did you know about citizenAID? It's a special group that helps us learn how to help people when something bad happens, like a big accident or a scary event.
They teach us four important things: Run, Hide, Tell, Treat.
If something bad happens, the first thing is to keep ourselves safe. We should run to a safe place and hide if we need to. Then we should tell a grown-up or someone in charge about what's happening.
But citizenAID wants us to be superheroes and help others too! They show us easy ways to help people who are hurt, even if we don't know a lot about medicine.
They teach us things like how to help someone who is bleeding or how to make them feel better and less scared. It's important to act quickly and try to help before the doctors and helpers come.
citizenAID also wants us to be brave and kind. We learn to help the ones who need it the most and make sure they feel safe and loved.
By teaching us these important things, citizenAID wants to make our world a safer place. They want us to be ready to help and keep everyone safe if something bad happens.
So remember, citizenAID is here to help us be superheroes during emergencies. With their help, we can make a big difference and make our world better for everyone!"

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