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citizenAID supports TyTek Medical's stop the bleed awareness day 20th May 2021

Following a recent survey undertaken by Tytek Medical [148 responses

99.3% understood that a person could bleed out before professional help arrived, yet just over a quarter said that they had the skills to prevent it. Furthermore, 78% of people said that they did not own or have access to medical equipment that would control a bleed. 

Andy Thurgood, chairman of citizenAID said:


'citizenAID is delighted to see Tytek undertaking this small but important survey whose results demonstrate that there remains a real need to educate and empower the public in how to stop bleeding - thus saving a life. For over five years, citizenAID has been promoting these important public skills and to see this research coming from industry like this shows that we still have a great deal of work to do in our charitable endeavour. Having equipment is ideal, but being able to improvise is essential for those situations where there is not kit' 


citizenAID are delighted to see Tytek's STOP THE BLEED awareness day and see it as a one day call to action. citizenAID see this as a fantastic opportunity to raise the awareness across society of this important skill.

Tragedy can strike at any time – whether from a stabbing, mass shooting, a car accident or a mishap during a leisure event but we know that members of the public can save someone’s life. Armed with simple techniques, anyone can do this – YOU CAN SAVE LIVES.


Most external bleeding on limbs can be stopped by


- simple techniques such as direct pressure being placed over the bleeding wound

- packing a deeper wound 

- if bleeding is not controlled by these two simple measures above - then the application of a simple tourniquet is promoted


citizenAID shows you how to do all this - BE PREPARED - get the skill to stop bleeding.

See our award winning videos below to be shown how to STOP THE BLEED.


Severe bleeding from a deep wound [that can not be stopped by direct pressure alone] needs wound packing

Watch the video here
Pack and Press


Life-threatening bleeding from a limb that can not be stopped by direct pressure needs a tourniquet

Watch the video here
How to apply an improvised tourniquet


Learn the citizenAID system today

 If you want to know more about how to stop bleeding explore our website for more information about citizenAID

Visit one of our partners press release here: Tytek Medical

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