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Online training - learn the citizenAID system

Online training - learn the citizenAID system


This course is aimed at beginners and first responders.  


Developed by ProTrainings Europe in partnership with citizenAID, this comprehensive 2 to 3 hour online course is designed to keep you safe in an emergency. Once you have the access code you can dip in and out whenever you want. The online learning will save as you progress, so no need to start again. The code is valid for 3 years to allow you to refresh your skills.


Want to buy a quantity of courses for your business? We offer a free company dashboard so you can track your staff training progress with ease and download certificates. The course validation codes are valid for 3 years from time of issue. Minimum order 10.


By following simple steps it shows how to deal with minor to catastrophic injuries. The course also includes various scenarios and videos to help develop your first aid knowledge.


This course is accredited by ProTrainings Europe and is CPD certified. A completion certificate can be downloaded and CPD statement.


The course includes a free digital student manual and other resources to support your training. Once purchased an email will be sent with an access code to enable you to complete the course,


Course content:



    • Course Introduction
    • Manchester Arena Bombing
    • Calling the EMS
    • Gloves
    • PAcT kits for Public Access


    First Aid Skills

    • Recovery Position
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest and CPR
    • Using an AED
    • How Does a Defibrillator Start a Heart in VF
    • Dealing with Bleeds
    • Elevated Sling
    • Embedded Objects
    • Amputations
    • Commercial Tourniquets
    • citizenAID Tourni-Key
    • Hypovolemic Shock
    • Open Fracture Wounds
    • Fractures
    • Thermal Burns
    • Acid Burns


    The citizenAID system

    • How Important is Learning First Aid by Sir Keith Porter
    • citizenAID – Helping Others and the Law
    • Run-Hide-Tell
    • Using S.L.I.D.E
    • Using SLIDE – an example
    • What3Words – location app
    • Silent Emergency Calls
    • citizenAID Tourni-Key Plus tourniquet
    • Tourni-Key Plus – Demo
    • citizenAID pocket guide
    • Overview of citizenAID by Keith Porter


    citizenAID scenario and first aid videos

    • citizenAID – Immediate actions in an active shooter or knife attack
    • citizenAID – Immediate actions following a suspect or exploded bomb
    • citizenAID – Public information film from citizenAID – Response to a bombing
    • citizenAID – Recovery Positiion
    • citizenAID – Wound Packing
    • citizenAID – Improvising a Sling
    • citizenAID – Improvising a Tourniquet
    • citizenAID – Improvising a Double Tourniquet
    • citizenAID – Airway Burns
    • citizenAID – Reconstruction



    • Course Summary


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