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Watch video anak ngocok kontol porn video and get to mobile. ngocok kontol sa ngocok trabaho. F.A.Q. FAQ Q: Can you define the place of not null in the type of a Model in EF? I would like to define a Model that could handle nullable and non-nullable types. My question is if it's possible to define the place of not null in the type of a Model in EF? Currently I've seen the nullable types in EF are in the string and decimal fields, and I would like to have a place in the type. Something like this: public class Question { public int Id { get; set; } public string Question { get; set; } public int? IsNullable { get; set; } public int? NotNull { get; set; } } But, this model is not going to work, because the int? NotNull is not mapped as int. I've tried using Guid and DateTime nullable, but when I try to create my model, I always have the following error: 'DateTime' is not a valid value for 'nullable' because it can not be casted to 'System.Nullable`1'. A: You can't have different options for nullable and non nullable types in one model. Depending on the type, the model and database needs to map accordingly. In your example, the property IsNullable could be of type string, DateTime or Nullable depending on the type you want to map as nullable. Q: How do I get rid of black specks in my bread? I have this recipe, but I just made it again and the bread came out with black specks in it ( though I've never had problems with it before. I'm thinking it's to do with my yeast maybe. Does anyone have any tips for how to get rid of these specks? I'd really like to try this recipe. Thanks! A: What do you mean when you say "bread came out with black specks


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