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Best 6 feline breeds for ESA - 2022 Guide

Have you ever noticed how being around animals makes you forget stressful things? And you appear to be happier and content with them? People with mental health conditions are allowed to keep pets with themselves, which can help them in overcoming psychological concerns. However, an ESA letter is required for the owner to keep the pets for health concerns.

If not, start noticing now.

Because animals have the ability to distract our minds with their cute, playful, and innocent actions. Psychologists and researchers have accepted the fact that pets are the solution to multiple psychological and mental conditions of the patients, placing depression at the top of the list.

Landlords often do not allow pets in the house but if a person is suffering from any mental condition, he can demand an esa letter for housing. Landlords cannot object to the presence of an animal in the house after the issuance of the letter by the government as it grants the person a legal right to keep an ESA.

The most preferred pets are either cats or dogs. But not all breeds of dogs or cats can be effective for emotional support.

If you’re also trying to find out the accurate or best cat breeds for emotional support, this blog is absolutely for you. This blog will be sharing with you the best 6 cat breeds for ESA since every cat has different personality characteristics just like humans.

Are you ready to know what are the best cat breeds for providing emotional support to patients going through mental health conditions? Let’s find out.

Ø Ragdoll:

This cat breed is considered one of the best breeds for ESA because they have the ability to support the owner emotionally. They're passive and love to be petted for a longer time.

The owner can always carry these cats or let them rest on the lap because these cats never feel agitated for petting or for being over-loved.

These cats love to interact with human beings and this is why they best suit the requirements for being an emotional support animal.

Ø American Bobtail

This breed of cat is also one of the most effective cat breeds for emotional support. This breed is also a very playful and happy creature and has become the most favorite breed among Americans.

These cats have a very sweet and soft voice and are also very affectionate. They also love to play with children.

The friendly behavior of the cats and their playful fun actions help the owners to recover from mental or psychological disturbance.

Ø Manx

This breed of cats does not have a tail and this one feature makes them unique and different from the rest of the cat breeds.

These cats are very social and love to interact and cuddle with their owners. Therefore, these cats are also a good choice for an emotional support animal.

Manx are also very loyal cats and love to be loved around. All their activities help the owners to forget the suffering and compel them to enjoy life.

Ø Persian

Have you heard about this breed of cats?

This must be a very insignificant question because of course who is not aware of this breed.

Most people love to pet these cats because they are playful, joyous, and a bit lazy. Their laziness allows them to remain in the owner’s lap.

They need a lot of grooming for their silky long fur. This is helpful in emotional support because the pet owner keeps himself busy with the cat owner's duties and starts recovering from a mental health problem.

Therefore, Persian cats are also a great suit for emotional support animals.

Ø Russian Blue

This amazing and beautiful soft shimmery gray cat is also regarded as one of the best choices for ESA. This breed tends to be more intelligent and smarter along with being playful and cute.

These cats are attentive with their owner and are quick learners as well. Therefore, for a companion who can not only help you in making yourself feel better, but also lend you a hand in your routine tasks.

Russian Blue is also very suitable for emotional support animals because they are the perfect companions.

Ø Maine Coon

Have you ever heard of a cat who can grow to the weight of a medium-sized dog? No?

It's okay. I didn't know either.

Maine Coon is the cat breed that grows to a medium-sized dog and weighs more because of its fluffy fur. These cats are quite famous in North America.

And are considered as one of the best family pets because of their personality traits. These cats are very tolerant towards children.

Like Persians, Maine coon also needs regular grooming to take care of the fluffy fur which makes them 1000 times more attractive and cuter.

Hence, Maine Coon are also one of the preferred cats for ESA because of their friendly and loving nature. Find the best website such as that you can so that your letter can be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Here you go!!

You needed some suitable suggestions for ESA cats and so, you have them now. Hope you got the idea of which breeds are the best ones for ESA. Feline cats are supposed to be the best companions of people who feel lonely and depressed.

People think and believe dogs are the best pets, but I think cats are more affectionate and one could feel their warmth by keeping them around. If you’re planning to get cats from one of these breeds, make sure you get your hands on an emotional support animal letter. As it will help you in keeping your companion with you throughout.

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