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ESA Registration: Information on getting an ESA - 2022 Guide

If you are someone who regularly struggles with mental health issues and your internal battle becomes too much for you at times when you have no one to turn to, it is time to start thinking about getting an emotional support animal (ESA). When you are going through a difficult moment in your life, it is often hard to find someone to cheer you up and provide emotional support, but you can always rely on an animal companion in such situations. All of this comes with a harsh reality: shady websites may scam you with a phony ESA Letter. But don't worry. This article will assist you in identifying red flags when obtaining ESA letters and avoiding fraudulent websites.

Since an authentic letter is your license to keep an emotional support animal with you all the time, therefore, the legitimacy of such letters can never be compromised. Nowadays many online websites claim to provide you with an authentic letter but most of those websites are a scam.

You must always remember that only those psychologists or mental health professionals can offer you an ESA letter who have been authorized to do so. Not every online website or individual who provides this letter is reputable or can be trusted.

Following are the red flags that will help you identify the sparks of scammers.

Missing Details

Scammers usually do not go into much detail when offering you a letter that can help you keep an emotional support animal with you at all times. They miss out on so many significant details that can cause you public embarrassment. The three things that a scamming website deliberately does not mention in its advertisements are as follows

a) Information on the licensed professional

You will never be able to obtain the letter without the consent of a licensed professional such as a mental health therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist. Only when a professional with the power to recommend you a letter gives you the green light, can you obtain this letter.

The shady online websites fail to mention the details of the licensed professional when offering you details on how they will help you with these letters. Even though they say that a registered expert will suggest these letters for you, they don't say who these so-called "licensed professionals" are. They appear to be an abstract notion rather than a real person.

b) Information on the ESA

Every letter that is issued has specific details on the ESA explicitly mentioned on it. It includes the type of animal that you are licensed to keep with you at all times, along with the certification ID number and other similar details. Furthermore, the places where you may take these animals are mentioned. The fake websites might also offer to issue you an esa letter for housing, but that letter will also be missing significant details. When such facts are absent from your letter, it is immediately rejected, resultantly causing you public embarrassment.

Scammers usually miss out on some or all of these details in your letter.

c) Contact Information

All letters that are legitimate have the contact information of the signatories mentioned on the letter. It is meant to provide you with a follow-up avenue, but some scamming websites do not aim for follow-ups, so they miss out on contact details.

Magical Promises

All scamming websites make magical promises such as hustle-free letters or acquiring the letter in no time. Both these promises are the biggest red flags ever. Getting authorization of such letters is not hassle-free and definitely takes time as it is not an instant process. So, if a website offers you these magical assurances, there is a good chance that you are dealing with a scammer.

Discounts on ESA letters

Although discounts are the weakness of the majority of our population, you should be very careful of these enticing discounts when acquiring ESA letters. A website that offers these letters at extremely low prices is a red flag. You've been warned not to fall for it!

One way to avoid this red flag is to match the prices offered by the ESA agency with other agencies. If there is a significant gap among them then the website is probably a scam. Another thing to note here is that many ESA agencies offer different rates for different kinds of animals. For instance, the rate of a letter issued for an emotional support animal letter may vary from an ESA cat’s letter. Thus, be specific when making a comparison of prices.

ESA “registration” or “certification”

This scam is among the top-rated ones. Whenever an online ESA agency is offering you an online registration or certification to keep an emotional support animal, don’t fall for it. Both of them are the biggest ESA scams to ever exist.

You never register your pet for emotional support because the law does not recognize them as a legitimate authorization to keep your animal with you all the time.

If you keep an eye out for these warning signs, you should be able to avoid fraudsters and obtain a legitimate letter that allows you to constantly be with your pet and receive all of the emotional support that you require. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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