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Are Dissertations Included in State Secrets?

In any branch of the national economy, in the scientific community, some kind of development is constantly being carried out. Moreover, already qualified experts who have been practicing for many years are engaged in writing dissertations. Accordingly, only individual scientists, authors can use secret materials and data in the course of scientific research.

What industries have classified information?

In 99% of cases, dissertations using state secrets are written by employees of those departments that have access to such information. Moreover, when using such information, the appropriate “secret” label will automatically appear on the dissertation itself. Scientific work with such an original designation will be available only to a narrow circle of people: the author and co-authors, the head, the special commission.

How to get access to state secrets when doing a research project?

If you think that in order to open the "Pandora's box" it is enough to get a job in the right department, then you are very deeply mistaken. State secrets without special permits can be used only by individuals who need to study materials in connection with the conduct of a case or appointment to a new position: judges, senators, members of the Federation Council, some lawyers.

Algorithm of actions for gaining access to classified information

The rest of the citizens will have to obtain special access to classified data. To do this, they will have to send a written request for admission, indicating the reason and the need to study such resources. This procedure takes a lot of time, as the Office carefully checks the data about the applicant.

In addition to the application, it is necessary to attach the results of the medical examination, a completed questionnaire, consent to the processing of personal data. The structure that accepted the documents will check all the information reflected in them, create a special registration card for the applicant, and after verification will issue a special permit. Please note that a person who has received access to state secrets will be limited in some actions: he will not be able to travel abroad, take materials out of the department and disclose secret data, etc.

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